Application Instructions for Everglass Graphene

Application Instructions for new Everglass Graphene TopCoat.

  1. Use in shade only and not on hot surface (the temperature of surface of the vehicle must be between +5 and +30 degrees by Celsius).
  2. Prepare the surface of vehicle with cleaning or abrasive polishing compounds before coating.
  3. Clean the surface of vehicle also with isopropyl alcohol, white spirit or special cleaners to remove any possible remains of paste and oil.
  4. Check with torch the surface; it should be without holograms, traces of cleaning, polishing, or other injuries.
  1. Shake bottle well before use. Apply the Everglass product to the applicator. Recommended foam applicator with suede microfiber cloth.
  2. Topcoat is applied partly. Area is approx. 50cmx50cm. (Large bonnet can be separate on four parts.) Move applicator with smooth motions, crisscross, with no gaps.
  3. Quickly wipe off coating with new microfiber towel in 15-30 seconds after application by hand in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe time depends on the clearcoat properties and the temperature and humidity of the ambient air.
  5. Correctness wipe checked by tactical torch. There should be no streaks and smudges in reflection.
  6. The next layer can be applied after 1-2 hours after application of a previous layer.
  7. It is recommended to warm up the clearcoat after application of Infra Red lamps for 15-20 minutes at 50-60 Celsius degrees.
  8. Curing time of the coating – 12 hours.
  9. Waiting time before the first wash – 1 week.