Everglass Premium Base Coat

Everglass Premium is a certified product created for professional detailers!

Everglass Premium, a long-lasting ceramic coating, provides a 5-year protection for your vehicle.

The impressive resistance to abrasion, coupled with the formation of a durable protective layer on the car’s surface, establishes Premium Coat as a product in high demand within the Everglass brand.
Functions in tandem with the hydrophobic Top Coat coating.

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Everglass Premium represents the pinnacle of automotive protection, meticulously crafted for professional detailers seeking excellence in their craft. This officially certified product is the culmination of cutting-edge nanotechnology advancements, setting the stage for the unrivaled performance of Premium Coat. Its extraordinary resistance to abrasion with 9H ceramic coating hardness, coupled with the formation of a robust protective layer on the car’s surface, solidifies Premium Coat’s position as a coveted gem within the Everglass brand collection.

At the heart of Everglass Premium lies its enduring ceramic coating, delivering unparalleled durability and longevity. With a lifespan of five years, this formidable barrier shields vehicles from the ravages of time and the elements, ensuring that they retain their pristine appearance for years to come. From the daily grind of city streets to the harsh conditions of off-road adventures, Premium provides unwavering protection against scratches, swirl marks, UV radiation, and environmental contaminants.

Moreover, Everglass Premium seamlessly integrates with the hydrophobic Top Coat coating, enhancing its water-repellent properties and further fortifying the vehicle’s defense against moisture, dirt, and grime. The synergistic relationship between Everglass Premium and Top Coat results in a dynamic duo that not only safeguards the car’s exterior but also enhances its aesthetic appeal, leaving behind a brilliant shine that commands attention on the road.

It’s essential to note that Everglass Premium is exclusively available through certified centers, ensuring that it is applied with precision and expertise by trained professionals. This commitment to quality ensures that every vehicle treated with Premium receives the highest level of care and protection, setting a new standard of excellence in automotive detailing. Experience the pinnacle of automotive protection with Premium – where innovation meets perfection, and your vehicle shines brighter than ever before.

Functions in tandem with the hydrophobic Top Coat coating.

Available only for certified centers!

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