Everglass Yacht Coat


Everglass Yacht coat

  • Innovative coating for water transport Everglass Yacht coat prevents the formation of algae on the hull of the boat or yacht,
  • Provides effective protection in salt water.
  • Protects against UV radiation, gives a water repellent effect.
  • The stunning shine and reflection of water on the hull of the yacht is the visiting card of the Everglass protective coat.

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Everglass Yacht Coat represents a revolutionary product in marine care, offering a comprehensive solution for the diverse challenges faced by yacht and boat owners. This innovative coating not only prevents algae formation on the hull but also excels in the harshest of conditions, including saltwater environments.

One of the key features of Everglass Yacht Coat is its unique ability to provide robust protection against the damaging effects of UV radiation. This not only helps preserve the structural integrity of the vessel but also maintains its aesthetic appeal over extended periods, resisting fading and color changes.

Furthermore, the water-repellent properties of Everglass Yacht Coat enhance the overall performance of the vessel by reducing hydrodynamic drag, resulting in smoother navigation and improved fuel efficiency. This transformative effect extends beyond functionality to aesthetics: the yacht’s hull is adorned with a mesmerizing sheen that reflects the surrounding waters, showcasing the advanced technology and uncompromising quality of Everglass protective coatings.

With Everglass Yacht Coat, yacht and boat owners can embark on their maritime adventures with confidence, knowing that their vessel is equipped with the ultimate defense against the elements. Moreover, the luxurious and refined appearance bestowed by this coating elevates every voyage, setting a new standard of excellence in both marine care and aesthetics.

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