Everglass Plastic Coat


Does prevent contamination.
Refreshes and saturates the color.
Facilitates cleaning of the surface.
Powerful water repellent effect.
Excellent weather resistance.
Resistance to UV light.
The service life is up to 2 years.

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Introducing Everglass Plastic Coat: a revolutionary solution for protecting plastic car parts. Engineered with advanced nanoparticle technology, Plastic Coat not only fills microdamages in plastic but also creates an exceptionally strong transparent layer on the surface of treated parts. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and blemishes – with Plastic Coat, coated surfaces look like new, boasting vibrant and saturated colors.

Here’s what sets Everglass Plastic Coat apart:

  1. Prevention of Contamination: By forming a durable protective layer, Plastic Coat effectively prevents contamination, keeping your plastic car parts looking pristine for longer periods.
  2. Color Refreshment: Not only does Plastic Coat repair damage, but it also refreshes and saturates the color of plastic surfaces, restoring their original vibrancy and luster.
  3. Easy Cleaning: Coated surfaces become significantly easier to clean, thanks to the smooth and resistant layer provided by Plastic Coat. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime – maintaining your car’s appearance has never been easier.
  4. Powerful Water Repellent Effect: Plastic Coat offers a powerful water repellent effect, ensuring that water beads off the surface and prevents water-related damage.
  5. Excellent Weather Resistance: Whether facing scorching sun or heavy rain, Plastic Coat provides exceptional weather resistance, maintaining its protective properties under a wide range of environmental conditions.
  6. Resistance to UV Light: UV radiation can cause plastic surfaces to fade and degrade over time. With Plastic Coat, your car’s plastic parts are shielded from the harmful effects of UV light, preserving their appearance and structural integrity.
  7. Long Service Life: Enjoy long-lasting protection with Plastic Coat, which boasts a service life of up to 2 years. With minimal maintenance, your car’s plastic parts can stay protected and looking their best for an extended period.

Everglass Plastic Coat is the ultimate solution for rejuvenating and safeguarding plastic auto body parts, including bumpers, thresholds, seals, and plastic headlights. Experience the transformative power of Everglass Plastic Coat and enjoy a car that looks and feels like new for years to come.

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