Like all the great things in this world, Everglass Ceramic Coatings was created with passion, love, and hard work.

The founder of the company started in 2010 by opening a detailing studio for cars. As a person who strives for perfection in everything, he was eager to offer clients the best service and flawless results. Thus began the search for the ideal coating. In order to find the best, the detailer began the independent testing of ceramic coatings which already existed on the market. None of them satisfied the honorary title of “perfect”. Some of the coatings lacked durability, some were not easy to apply, and some contained components which are extremely harmful to health. And that is when the idea of creating their own ceramic coatings came about. A coating which would be convenient to use, easy to apply, give a bright shine, a high degree of protection to the car’s paintwork and a long-lasting result. It took months of continuous, hard work using the latest knowledge in the field of nanotechnology to bring the first sample of the new Everglass Pro Coat to the world. The coating immediately won the favour of professional detailers, and this was the beginning of the successful development of the Everglass brand. After some time, other coating samples appeared which complemented each other and gave detailing specialists the opportunity to choose their ideal product which is easy to work with. But most importantly, to see the delight in their customer`s eyes when they squint with pleasure admiring the shine of their “iron steed” after an Everglass coating.

Today, Everglass offers a wide range of ceramic coatings for car interior and exterior care. Everglass nanoceramic coatings are easy to apply, they give an extraordinary shine, and provide durable and reliable surface protection.

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