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Everglass Mono coat is not a liquid glass, but you pay just as much money as any liquid glass coating can cost, while you get an excellent result of protection on the body of the car, unlike the analogues in this price category. We combined two products and added one «secret» component and got a huge market coverage in a matter of months. With the advent of Everglass Monocoat, our partners increased the profit of organizations by more than 30%. Taking the leading positions in the market of budget protective coatings. Everglass Mono – nanoceramics with amazing properties for the price of liquid glass.

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Introducing Everglass Mono Coat – the budget-friendly protective coating with exceptional properties. If you’re looking to safeguard your car but don’t have the budget for premium coatings, Mono Coat offers a compelling solution. We’ve combined the renowned properties of Top and Platinum compounds into this innovative composition, achieving a golden mean that delivers premium-grade protection at an affordable price point.

By leveraging a new formula, we’ve optimized Mono Coat to reduce its service life while still retaining the superior qualities of its premium counterparts. This reduction in longevity translates to cost savings for you without compromising on performance.

The main advantage of Mono Coat lies in its ability to save both time and money. With this single coating, there’s no need for multiple applications – one coat is all it takes to provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle. Say goodbye to the hassle of layering multiple coatings and hello to simplified maintenance and cost-effective protection.

Experience the benefits of Everglass Mono Coat – where affordability meets excellence in automotive protection. Protect your car without breaking the bank and enjoy peace of mind on the road knowing that your vehicle is shielded by a quality protective coating.


Hydrophobic effect

Always clean car after treatment with a protective coating Mono. The effect of self-cleaning lasts for 8-12 months


Even without polishing the car body, the color saturation after applying Everglass Monocoat is more than doubled. Everglass Monocoat protects the paintwork while maintaining its original appearance for a long time.

Impact of external factors

Everglass Monocoat is not liquid glass, but a full-fledged ceramic protective coating that provides reliable protection against aggressive chemicals, high-alkaline detergents, salt, bird droppings. Everything except mechanical impact!


The minimum consumption of the composition for one Toyota Camry car is less than 10 ml, against 18-23 ml for competitors.


Everglass Monocoat contains UV blockers.

1 year

Service life up to 12 months. We recommend applying 2 layers of protective coating for a longer service life.

Application instructions you can find here

Maintenance coated car

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    Application Instructions for Everglass Mono Coat.

    Use in shade only and not on hot surface (the temperature of surface of the vehicle must be between +5 and +30 degrees by Celsius).

    Prepare the surface of vehicle with cleaning or abrasive polishing compounds before coating.

    Clean the surface of vehicle also with isopropyl alcohol, white spirits or special cleaners to remove any possible remains of paste and oil.

    Check with torch the surface; it is should be without holograms, traces of cleaning, polishing, or other injuries.

    Apply the Everglass product to the applicator. Recommended foam applicator with suede microfiber cloth.

    The composition is applied by one part. Large bonnet can be separate on two parts. Move flowing hand with applicator with perpendicular moves, with no gaps.

    Wipe off coating with new microfiber towel after 2-3 minutes after application. Wipe time depends on the paint properties and the temperature and humidity of the ambient air.

    Correctness wipe checked by tactical torch. There should be no streaks and smudges in reflection.

    The next layer can be applied after 1-2 hours after application of a previous layer.

    The number of protective layers is not limited.

    It is recommended to warm up the paint after application of Infra Red lamps for 15-20 minutes at 50-60 Celsius degrees.

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